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3 JUNE 2024


It's Western Australia Day today. It's a fabulous day where we get to celebrate all things Western Australian. While I am bummed that I don't get to celebrate it in WA, instead I get to beat the proud Western Australian drum right here in the national capital.

On 1 June in 1829, the Swan River Colony began. That colony became Perth, and I'm proud to be the member for Swan. Swan punches well above its weight when we look at state icons. There are some icons that people might know and some that people might not know. We have the South Perth Foreshore, but do people know about Garvey Park? We have the Perth Zoo, but we also have Jirdarup Bushland. We have the Sam Kerr Football Centre, but what about Squash WA? Curtin University is an amazing uni and we also have the Construction Future Centre. We have Optus Stadium as well as Hartfield Park. And, while many Western Australians will go shopping at Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, what about our DFO? We also have Australia's biggest pub, the Camfield, which has a playground right next to it, but what about Tomato Lake and Tomato Lake Cafe? It's pretty amazing!

These are things that are deeply Western Australian and I want Swan electors to know that I'm deeply Western Australian and that I'll continue to ensure that we keep our fair share of the GST. Our prime minister has been to WA 20 times; he knows what Western Australians want and we will keep our fair share of the GST.