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It is crystal clear; jobs growth only happens under Labor.

This is not my opinion.

It is a fact.

Did the Albanese Labor Government promise more Australians in work?

The answer is Yes.

One of Labor’s key election commitments was to create more jobs.

It pledged to address the skills shortage in industry and business.

Did the Albanese Government deliver on that promise?

The answer is Yes.

Last week the June Labour Force figures were released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The figures show there are 310,700 people in work in Perth’s Southeast region in June.

This is an increase of 9,000 more people in jobs compared to the same time last year.

  • Its good news for my electorate of Swan which falls wholly within that area.
  • Its good news for Perth’s entire southeast corridor.
  • Its good news for the entire nation.

The figures reveal the policies and investment of the Albanese Government are working.

18,800 Fee Free TAFE and VET places on offer in 2023

Plus the $436 million investment in the Foundation Skills Program

These are two examples of the investment in Australia’s future that were lacking under the previous government.

They are not lacking under Labor.

Labor is delivering on jobs and Labor is delivering on skills.

And more people in jobs in my region is testimony to that.