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26 July 2023

Zaneta Mascarenhas celebrates her one-year in Parliament by highlighting the valuable work of volunteers.

Zaneta Mascarenhas celebrated her one-year anniversary as a Member of Parliament (and her birthday), in conversation with volunteers from the WayFairers Project at the Woodlupine Community Centre in Forrestfield.

The WayFairers Project is a social initiative that increases social connection in adults aged 50 years and over by connecting them to a club, group, or organisation, to assist them with skills and experience. 


Ms Mascarenhas said it was not only a day to reflect on highs of her first year in Parliament, but an opportunity to highlight the amazing contribution of volunteers in the community.

It was her community upbringing in Kambalda that was the foundation for her future career in politics.


“There was sense of belonging and community spirit growing up in Kambalda that made a difference to me and my family.


“From that moment on I have always appreciated the value of connection to the community, and I am reminded of that here today.


“Experienced Australians helped build this country. The WayFairers Project ensures their skills are harnessed for the benefit of community groups.”


“I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my working day given its my birthday as well!”


Ms Mascarenhas said the year has been steep learning curve for her, and she is proud of what the Albanese Government has achieved but knows there is still work to be done.


“I am here today to talk to local people about the issues that affect them. This includes the cost of living and the measures we are taking to help people fight the crunch.”


Ms Mascarenhas said today’s announcement that inflation rates have fallen this year to June is pleasing but there is a long way to go.


“Inflation is the main challenge that is confronting our economy and is the primary focus of the government’s economic plan.


“The Federal Government has introduced important measures to alleviate the pressures for all Australians including electricity relief, pay rises for aged care workers, and cheaper medicine.”


Ms Mascarenhas thanked the WayFairers Project for hosting the Conversation Café and looks forward to continuing her conversations with the community and standing up for the interests of WA in Canberra when Parliament resumes next week.


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